About Us

Hills Advertising L.L.C. was established in 2003 and has earned its recognition as one of the top outdoor advertising specialists in the Middle East. Our mission is to outperform the traditional standard of excellence and provide consumers with diverse channels of media that guarantee optimal results. Hills Advertising owns locations regionally as well as internationally and through cooperation with our media representatives are able to install signage worldwide to meet our customer campaign needs.

The dedicated team of specialists at Hills Advertising effectively connects companies to their target consumers in the outside world. Whether marketing objectives require strategic branding, promotion, or support campaigns, Hills Advertising will ensure that your media communications strategy is effective and yields results. Hills Advertising believes that our attitude has determined our success. Our "Spirit of Excellence" mentality has set us apart and has helped us turn the ordinary into extra-ordinary as we deliver on deadlines, pacify demanding clients and come out with solutions that fit so perfectly into our clients thinking!

“Hills Advertising offers you smarter insights and ideas to accelerate your business results today”